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With Rebeca Romero, Akinsola Lawanson and Maia Kenney

For this episode we are bringing together three special guests to introduce our new collaboration with Het HEM's The Couch. We’ve brought back artists Rebeca Romero (Ep.3) and Akinsola Lawanson (Ep.7) together with curator Maia Kenney to discuss magic and technology within their works and research. Romero’s exploration of trance in The New Worshipers and Lawanson’s spirit world in Bosode each examine the intersections of these themes, how they influence each other, and how might magic in the present influence technological futures. Hear Romero, Lawanson, Kenney, and of course your hosts, examine how our relationship to talismans, phones, and worldbuilding can be more entangled than you might think. Collectively we consider the materiality of known and unknown worlds, the politics of witchcraft and what ethics might be necessary before engaging in scientific fact and mystical forces. For this extended conversation we will also be introducing Het HEM’s The Couch, a digital editorial and arts platform to continue these debates through texts, screenings and online discourse.

You can read the full transcript of this episode here.

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