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Akinsola Lawanson


For this episode, Akinsola Lawanson shares their work 'Bosode', a 12 minute audio narrative, which follows the tale of Bosode, a girl who is transported to the spirit world and sent on a quest. Combining deities, Orumila and Eshu, from Ifa religion with binary mathematics, Lawanson’s influences of Nollywood horror and early 2000s game aesthetics reveal Yoruba culture outside of contemporary binaries. Through discussing fantasy narratives, divination systems and their relationship with determinism, Bosode acts as a parable, warning us about how we can decide our own fate when more powerful beings are around.

Akinsola Lawanson is a British-Nigerian multi-disciplinary artist based in London. Through different mediums such as moving image, video game engines and motorised sculptures; their practice examines a variety of themes including relational systems, digital technologies and process philosophy.

You can read the full transcript of this episode here.

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